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1:1 Environments

Technology for the Classroom


  • Linux or Windows Desktop Environment
  • Open Source Software and Applications
  • Cost-Effective Deployment
  • Scalable Deployment, without Scaling Cost
  • Servers Managed by School or by Classroom


  • iTalc - Thin Client Management
  • Google Applications
  • GIMP
  • Moodle - eLearning
  • Blogs
  • K12 - TuxType/TuxMath/TuxPaint
  • Wiki

How Do We Make It All Work?

We start with a thorough analysis phase. Every school has different goals and objectives when it comes to educating students. Identifying how technology plays a role in the process is very important to us. By taking the time to compare technology's role in your school today to your future vision, we are able to build a roadmap to success. Understanding your file sharing strategy and network diagram are an integral part of this process.

You Can Recycle Existing Hardware?

True! With our solution, there is an opportunity to recycle both servers and Desktop PCs. Recycling Hardware is important to as we maintain an eco-friendly strategy. Understanding what can be recycled and performance expectations is an important piece of our analysis strategy.

Which Applications Are Best?

Our solution for 1:1 Environments provides a platform for faculty, staff, and students to access a computer (Thin Client). Integrating applications is the top layer of the solution. Understanding your schools technology plan is important, and will help determine what applications are best in your school. Do you want to have a "cloud" environment for students? Are you concerned with security and data availability outside of the school network? These are all questions we will help you answer.

Can I Integrate with Existing Network Infrastructure?

Of Course! Our solution can be a completely seperate portion of your network, or it can be the key component of your network. We are able to integrate with LDAP Servers, Network Attached Storage, Windows Active Directory and more!

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