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History was born along side the Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP). Ron and Jim, the founders of both LTSP and developed and brought to market the ability to use Linux as a terminal server, delivering a desktop and applications over the local area network. One piece was missing ...

Where do customers find reliable hardware they can use in thin client deployments?

Assembling desktop PC hardware with the only necessary components, the Jammin 50 workstation was born. A thin client in nature, but thick in size, the Jammin 50 had all the necessary hardware components. Since 1999, has worked to provide quality thin client hardware designed for use with LTSP, and other thin client software. Today, ships the latest and greatest in thin client hardware worldwide for use with LTSP and other thin client software.

Customers has brought low-cost thin client network solutions to a variety of customers worldwide. provides effective solutions to many vertical markets:
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Ron Colcernian
Chief Executive Officer

Ron Colcernian began designing and developing software and computer systems in 1969. In 1981, he founded a consulting firm, re-engineering and implementing computer systems to take advantage of the best current technology. Ron has served as a member of the Board of Directors of both the Michigan!/usr/group and Southeastern Michigan AS/400 Users Group. Ron has played a pivotal role in the development of the LTSP project. He also holds a degree in mechanical engineering.

Erick Tyack
Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer Erick strives to provide the Thin Client market with quality hardware solutions. Erick has been involved in the successful deployment of Linux, LTSP and open source solutions for the desktop in retail, manufacturing and distribution. Erick worked as the Chief Technology Officer for one of the largest retail florists in the country, integrating multiple platforms into one cohesive environment. He also holds a degree in accounting.

Alex Colcernian
Director of Marketing and Sales

Understanding customer needs and issues is an important facet in adopting any Information Technology model. Alex has worked in a variety of organizations both large and small addressing needs from top level management to computer users. Alex brings knowledge of cost-effective IT solutions to Alex focuses on growing and contributing to the Thin Client market. He also holds a degree in finance and computer information systems.

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