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IT plays a major role in a call center's success and productivity. IT must be strategically placed throughout the contact center to promote efficiency, with limited problems. These reasons and many more support Thin Client environments in a call center.'s Thin Client solution eliminates the need to visit employee desks to fix problems. In a Server-Centric Thin Client environment all computer hardware is managed from the server room. Desktop applications can be locked down, and internet browsing restricted to ensure that your employees are on task at all times.


  • Softphones
  • Reduced License Fees
  • Reduced IT Support
  • Reduced IT Maintenance

Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop

Ubuntu Thin Client Desktop

Ekiga SIP Softphone

SIP Softphone

SIP Softphones on Thin Clients

Reducing Cost / Employee is key to call center profitibility.'s Thin Client Environment promotes the use of Softphones (phones run in software). Eliminating the hardware telephone on each employee desk reduces the costs to scale your call center, as well as reduces support needs. Softphones don't break, and don't take up valuable room on the desk.

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