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Computer Labs


Thin Client Computer Labs has helped many schools from small private schools to large public school systems deploy computer labs. Computer labs which enable and empower students, as well as improve the school they reside in. By reducing support and maintenance requirements, streamlining deployment, and making the solution affordable, our computer labs are growing all over the world.

Integrate With Existing Systems

  • Windows Active Directory
  • Network Attached Storage
  • OpenLDAP / LDAP Server
  • Google Applications
Contact: rcc@DResults.Com

Green Environment
  • Thin Clients Live 7+ Years
  • Small Form Factor + Silent
  • Reduced Power Consumption
  • No Thin Clients? Recycled Desktop PCs!
  • Reduced Workload on IT Department
Server-Centric Network
  • Single-Point of Control & Management
  • Never Visit End User Devices
  • Install New Applications Only on Server
  • Monitor Students Use - Live & Logged
  • Mitigate Virus & Spyware Threats
Affordable Solution
  • Less IT Resources Required to Manage
  • Less IT Support Required
  • Lowered TCO compared to other Lab Solutions
  • Extended Lifespan of Hardware
  • Less Cost to Scale
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