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Thin Client Solutions for Education

Thin Client Solutions for Education

Schools around the world use thin client solutions to provide computer access to faculty, students, and staff. Whether a large public university or a small charter school, educational institutions of varying size and curriculum use thin clients to provide a controlled and manageable environment. Thin clients are often deployed in computer and learning labs, as well as integrated into classroom learning.

At we design and deploy thin client solutions based on Linux and other open source software packages. Our experience varies as we have worked with school districts, small private schools, public universities, charters, and more in different capacities. is ready to assist with hardware procurement (thin clients, servers, accessories, peripherals), thin client solution design, server sizing, and integration with user storage and management tools.


Solutions in Education

Inland Lakes Schools - Public K12

Shawn Powers, the Director of IT for Inland Lakes Schools, has used LTSP since 2003. His students use a variety of different LTSP Thin Clients. Shawn (a writer for Linux Journal) has written articles about Thin Clients in his School.

UniNorte - Private University

Located in Manuas, Amazonas. UniNorte leverages a unique thin client solution for all faculty, students, and staff. Deployed by Propus, UniNorte's environment handles over 1000 simultaneous users in a mixed Linux and Windows environment.

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Benefits of LTSP Thin Clients In Education

Educators who participated in our LTSP Survey listed the items above as the benefits from their deployment of an LTSP Thin Client Solution. 90.9% of these respondents noted that they have incorporated LTSP into their future IT plans.

Thin Client Services

  • Thin Client Sales
  • Thin Client Solution Design
  • Solution Maintenance & Support
  • Annual Maintenance
  • Installing Edubuntu 10.04