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Green Thin Client Solutions

What Do We Mean, When We Say Green?
Recycle Desktop PCs

Recycle / Re-use / Re-purpose Exisiting Desktop PCs

  • 500 MHz Processor
  • 256 MB of RAM
  • 16 MB or Better Video Card's Thin Client Solution allows customers to recycle old Desktop PC hardware, before it gets to the local recycling center. Following the minimum requirements above, the maximum investment in recycling a Desktop PC is $30.00 for a Thin Client Conversion Card (bootable network card).

LTSP Thin Client

Green Thin Client Devices

  • Thin Clients Use 20W or Less
  • No Moving Parts - Extended Life
  • Small Footprint - Low Carbon Footprint

A Desktop PC with a 500 MHz processor and a 300W power supply will draw an average of 43 watts in operation. The LTSP Term 1520, an Intel Atom based Thin Client draws an average of 18.5 watts in operation. Replacing the old Desktop PC with the new LTSP Term 1520 will save 57% on energy consumption / workstation. 57% energy savings per user greatly contributes to ROI when switching to's Thin Client Solution.