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LTSP Thin Clients LTSP Thin Clients (Diskless Workstations)
Diskless Workstations are Thin Clients without storage. Diskless Workstations do not have a local hard drive, compact flash card, or DOM. These Thin Clients are designed to boot over a local area network connection. Diskless Workstations retrieve their desktop environment from a Linux Terminal Server also known as an LTSP Server. LTSP Thin Clients from use PXE or gPxe / Etherboot to connect to the Linux terminal server.
HP Thin Clients HP Thin Clients sells Thin Clients from HP which are not Diskless Workstations. HP Thin Clients have local storage; an embedded operating system which runs on a compact flash card or DOM. Choose HP Thin Clients if you are looking for a standalone Thin Client Workstations with an operating system. Windows or Linux based OS choices available.


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