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LTSP Linux Terminal Server Project

LTSP Thin Clients

Diskless Workstations

LTSP Thin Clients are designed to be compatible with the Linux Terminal Server Project. LTSP was founded in 1999 to deliver a Linux desktop enviroment from a Linux terminal server. LTSP Thin Clients are also known as Diskless Workstations. Diskless Workstations do not have local storage media (hard drive, compact flash, DOM).'s Thin Clients are also self-cooling; they don't have a fan and operate silently. Thin Clients from are known for out living the typical PC refresh cycle of 3 - 5 years because they don't have any physical parts that move. LTSP Thin Clients / Diskless Workstations boot from a Linux Terminal Server over a local area network connection. offers different models of LTSP Thin Clients to meet your needs.

LTSP Thin Clients

Supported Operating Systems
  • Edubuntu / Ubuntu 14.04 and earlier
  • K12Linux Distros:
    - CentOS
    - Fedora
    - Red Hat Enterprise Linux
    - Scientific Linux
  • OpenSUSE
  • Others, Questions? E-mail Us

LTSP Term 1620
Thin Client


LTSP Term 1920
Thin Client

Thin Client Software

      Looking for the LTSP Term 1720?
The LTSP Term 1720 was discontinued August 2014.
The LTSP Term 1920 is the replacement model.
  Choose the appropriate thin client for the version of LTSP you are running. If you're not sure, Contact Us
LTSP 5.x (PXE Boot)    
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Thin Client Hardware

CPU   1.6 GHz Intel Atom   1.86GHz Dual Core Intel Atom
Memory   2GB DDRII   4GB DDR3
Video   224MB Intel GMA 950
  384MB Intel D2550 Core
Sound   Internal 1W Speaker
Line Out, Mic In
  Internal 1W Speaker
Line Out, Mic In
Peak Energy Use
  14W   14W
VESA Mountable   Yes   -