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LTSP 5 in Ubuntu 9.10 Training Course

March 22nd - 23rd, 2010 - Detroit, Michigan
Registration Closes: Thursday, March 11th 2010

Day One

Monday March 22, 2010

Start: 8:45am EST
Finish: 5:00pm EST

  • LTSP History
  • Networking Pointers
  • LTSP Boot Process
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Configuration Notes
  • Installation Run Through
  • System Maintenance
  • Question + Answer Session
  • Day Two

    Tuesday March 23, 2010

    Start: 8:45am EST
    Finish: 5:00pm EST

  • Day One Questions + Review
  • LTSP Local Apps
  • Screen Scripting In LTSP
  • Alternate Configurations
  • Alternate Environments (Windows, NX, etc ...)
  • User Environment Management
  • Troubleshooting Tips + Tricks
  • LTSP-Cluster
  • Question + Answer Session
  • Teachers - Boot Camp Learning Environment

    LTSP Boot Camp will be lead by Erick Tyack, CTO of Erick has a long history of providing LTSP, Linux, and Open Source based solutions for clients. Working with LTSP for many years, Erick will help attendees understand what works, what doesn't, what's possible, and what's not when it comes to all things LTSP. Throughout the training seminar Erick will be joined by employees of, and open source community guests, as they walk the room providing individual attention and assistance for attendees. LTSP Boot Camp attendees will have a server and thin client available to them throughout the seminar as they learn, setup, and tweak their own LTSP environment.

    Open source community guests include:

  • Shawn Powers - Editor, Linux Journal and IT Director Inland Lakes Public Schools
  • Jorge Castro - External Developer Relations - Canonical, Ltd.